House of Horrors

Click here to see pictures of some of the fun stuff we get to see while out inspecting.

This page is not intended to scare you, but rather highlight the importance of hiring a home inspector who has a good eye.


Just a little leak at the swamp cooler.   Did you know that some inspectors don’t even enter the attic space? Crazy!




Just about all the ingredients needed for a meth lab. Anyone have a beaker?  This home was tested for meth after the inspection, and yes, it did come back positive.   Finding a grill in the living room didn’t make this much of a surprise.


Termite damage so severe that my screwdriver pushed right into the wood.  Some people don’t think we get termites in Utah. WRONG!  We’ve seen it many times now.

Image-1(7) Image-1(8)


This is a sewage line that had rusted out and was dumping a huge amount of sewage into the crawl space. What you are looking at are soap bubbles. Someone had recently done the dishes.   This leak was so severe that major structural issues had occurred as a result.



This roof is just about the worst we’ve seen.  You could pick up a piece of shingle and just crumple it into dust.  Bout time for replacement.



You only had one job to do…….


This is an ice dam at the edge of a bay window.  Water from this dam had made its way inside an caused significant damage.



Snow it the attic space?  This was a first for us. Needless to say a roofer was called out pretty quick.


This is the cooling fins on an air conditioning unit.  They were severely deteriorated.  I advised that a new unit would need to be installed in the very near future.


In 1962 four inches of insulation was the standard.  I suggest that my clients have between 12 and 18 inches.



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